Tasty Brand Brewing

The LHC is working with a local small business to develop a brand for small-batch produce and kombucha.

We are excited to share some recent developments in our studio. Our member’s talent expands beyond just artwork and engineering and we encourage all kinds of ventures. In this case, George Abuhamad is a passionate culinary man and a brewing connoisseur who has been mixing fermented tea for quite some time now. His goal is to distribute flavors of all his crafts locally, but maybe even in a more broad sense down the road.

developing brands

This is an exclusive sneak-peak at the graphical approach to George’s Stache. A clever play on words that can encompass all of George’s quality produce. The style of the label will likely expand into packaging for a variety of baked goods and most importantly, kombucha.

Stay tuned for more content on Goerge’s rapidly growing side hustle. He makes to order so if you’re lucky, he will customize a batch to your desire flavor or personal preference. Follow him on Instagram at @georgesstache or get in touch with us if you have particularly high curiosity, but know he’s gonna be the next big thing in “booch” very soon. Cheers.

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