Laser Cutting and Brightening Up Our Space

Our large format laser cutter spit out these parts to add to our lighting fixtures. While we are always busy, we are always designing and building.

A Lasersaur laser cutter is a pretty cool TOOL to have. And building 3D from 2D can be rewarding for design projects. We have laser cut a lot of wood here, which has been used to build pieces of furniture, a UV curing station, shop organization labels, and a lot of light fixtures.

The great thing about a laser cutter is you just need a 2D profile and some left over project lights and you’re on your way to new light fixture. This is an old HID light source, a powerful light typically used for in-ceiling applications, but it looks great as a pendent too!

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Little Harbor Collective is a local incubator and maker space located just outside Boston, MA. It provides a professional environment for creativity and innovation with resources and equipment used by Tool., Inc.