The LHC recently acquired a Bridgeport V2XT CNC mill. After hauling this 3,000 lb behemoth into our machine shop, we performed a series of upgrades, including replacing the motor encoders and installing a more powerful ‘brain’ (a Centroid Allin1DC CNC control board), resulting in easier operations and improved speed and accuracy.

We use a CAD/CAM software called Fusion 360 (free to hobbyists), which allows us to create all of the machining operations necessary to cut our parts. Once the appropriate cutting tools and toolpaths are selected, we send the program to the mill for machining.

Our mill is capable of full 3-axis machining of plastics, foams, wood, and soft metals.

We have already completed a number of projects, including an aluminum compression mold, which utilizes 3D printed mold inserts. The photo below shows one half of the mold being machined.

After completing the machining, we installed the inserts and began the molding process. The photos below show the completed mold, as well as a mouthguard that it was used to create.

We are excited to add CNC milling to our list of fabrication capabilities, and we look forward seeing what it will produce in the future!