It’s All About Clamp Force and Temperature

The LHC gets some new gear – We can now injection mold small parts!

Our friends over at APSX Advanced Production Systems hooked us up with a plastic injection machine and we are already getting parts hot off the press. 


We are still dialing in all the settings but excited about our newest creation – Custom TOOL picks! The crew here at LHC and TOOL are big musicians so we decided to design our own shred device. Soon we will have an awesome take-away for all our partners and supporters that like to jam.

The machine supports all kinds of materials and allows us to find just the right durometer required for our applications. In this case, we designed the part to break off at the sprues so the ABS had to be slightly brittle but also flexible to jam. It’s a similar function to our favorite model car kits except you don’t need glue, just strings.  


“slide” -JF

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