Little harbor collective (LHC) is a location for the creative collective process, where small business, creative people, and artists can gather and work in a dynamic and open space. LHC is a Maker Space, an Incubator and simply, a collection of individuals in the process of making and building ideas. We provide a unique environment for start ups and designers to develop the next big idea.

Fully-equipped Space

Office space
Telecommunications & networking
Meeting rooms
Electrical Lab space
Presentation equipment
CAD stations
Cintiq tablets
3D Builders
RTV molding & casting compounds
Laser Cutters
CNC machine
Bridgeport Mill
Grinders & welders

We do it all

Feasibility analysis
Market Research
Industrial Design
Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
Interface Design
Strategic consulting
Business plan construction
Marketing & positioning
Financial analysis
Manufacturing sourcing

Takes money to make Money

Preparation for investor presentations
Investment documents
Legal support
Social Tech Events

Join The Innovation

Whether you’re a maker looking for some tinkering space, a startup seeking resources and capital, or an investor looking for your next investment, send us a message or drop us a line.